Tim Woodis the Lead Pastor of City Life Center.

He is the primary preaching pastor and director of ministries at the newly formed City Life Center. Tim is a member of the Fort Worth Mayor’s Faith Leaders Cabinet and a sought-after speaker to local businesses and organizations.

Tim is a happily married to Rebecca, his bride since 1988. Tim has three sons, Preston, Devin and Ian, who also actively serve at City Life.

Tim’s favorite Fort Worth restaurants are Joe T. Garcia’s in the Stockyards, Mi Cocina in Downtown, Pie Five on W. 7th Street, along with Blue Sushi. He also says he really enjoys Buon Giorno Coffee, where he often “offices”.

Tim’s Myers-Briggs Profile is ENTJ, his DiSC Profile is D-7, I-7, S-1, C-2, and his StrengthsFinder Profile is Futuristic, Strategic, Maximizer, Activator, Self-Assurance.

Tim’s father was also a pastor back in the era when pastors moved quite a bit. So, he grew up in Washington, New Mexico, Nebraska, West Texas and South Texas. In 1984, Tim relocated to the Metroplex, making the Fort Worth / Dallas area his home of choice.

Tim holds a BA in Pastoral Ministries from Southwestern Assemblies of God University. While attending college and for more than a decade afterward, Tim served on the staff of Trinity Church of Cedar Hill. In 2014 Tim moved to Fort Worth to pastor City Life Center. Tim became the full time pastor in 2015 when we launched our new services.

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